harness for neonatal transport

It has received the Innovation Prize, Prix Diamants, acknowledging improvements in patient care and quality, awarded by CHU de Québec, 2014.


Pitsi allows safe transport in airplanes and ambulances for preterm infants. It reconciles the required clinical observation and on-board security, offering a medical smart solution in terms of risk reduction and a wide range of medical manipulation.


A positioning aid for preterm infants in hospital incubator


This simple, soft and flexible aid is designed for proper body containment, preserving an alignment position and allowing reflex impulses at the limbs.

This product was developed with the Meir Health Center NICU specializing in NIDCAP treatment, and was made to be suitable especially for the hospital environment. While meeting the necessary clinical challenges, Bear Hug also focuses on being an easy-to-use aid for caregivers, easily cleaned and friendly for hospital budgets.


Children’s backpacks for kindergarten,

day trips and afternoon activities

Arcus offers a comfortable and unisex design in bright and playful colors, made entirely with natural materials, 100% vegan.

This product was made for parents who do not want logos or text on their kids wearables, but do not want to compromise on design, look and usability.